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SmartForm Sacrificial Formwork 2450mm x 2250mm

$210.00 excl GST

  • Fast simple laying of the formwork
  • No time or costs for de-moulding cleaning and returning the formwork
  • You do not need lifting equipment for processing
  • A release agent is not necessary
  • Available in flat sheets or pre-folded to meet unique site specifications


The SmartForm formwork elements can be used universally for many purposes above all as formwork for foundations and ribbed slabs as well as sheeting for building pits.

In addition to its many other features and benefits, this innovative formwork system can also be customized to accommodate circular formwork requirements.

Circular formwork solutions are often required in construction projects that involve the creation of curved walls, columns, or other structures. With Powerpac SmartForm, the formwork panels can be shaped and adjusted to form perfect circles, enabling the construction of seamless curved elements.

By utilizing this circular formwork capability, construction professionals can achieve precise and efficient results, saving time and effort in the construction process. The flexibility of Powerpac SmartForm allows for the seamless integration of circular formwork into any project, whether it’s for building interiors, exteriors, or any other architectural or construction application.

Not only does Powerpac SmartForm offer the versatility to meet circular formwork needs, but it also maintains the key benefits that make this system stand out. These include its lightweight design, easy handling and installation, high load-bearing capacity, and durability. Additionally, Powerpac SmartForm ensures optimal concrete finish, reducing the need for finishing work and further saving time and resources.


Additional information

Dimensions 2250 × 1200 × 8 mm


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