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Reoguard Cap – Yellow 12mm – 20mm bar diameter – each

$7.25 excl GST

The Yellow Reoguard Cap fits with the Pink Reoguard Base

100 Units Per Package

SKU 617-RGC100YELEA Category


What is Reogaurd?

Reoguard is a new and upcoming product redefining safety in the construction industry. The unique design features a two-part safety system, providing a simple and cost-effective means of protection against exposed steel reinforcing bars. Reoguard offers versatility as a robust, multi-use system, applicable to inclined, horizontal and vertical applications where steel reinforcing bars meet on a concrete structure. The safety aspect of the product allows the system to be installed during the starter-bar process, providing initial protection for the installer.

Once installed the system provides a further safety barrier for other personnel involved. Reoguard ensures a barrier for steel reinforcing bars ranging from 12mm to 36mm, allowing users to install the units at intervals of up to 1600mm for maximum coverage. Designed and developed for superior impalement protection, this next-generation solution is engineered to withstand substantial stresses caused by direct impacts, while ensuring effortless installation for the user.

Benefits of Reoguard:

  • Versatile applications
  • Suitable for vertical, horizontal, and inclined installations
  • Eliminates the need to cap individual starter bars
  • Secure design that can’t be dislodged
  • Minimal storage space when not in use
  • Significantly reduced application time, up to 55%
  • Assists in meeting workplace Health and Safety regulations
  • Offers a cost-effective and affordable investment for your business


Environmental sustainability was a key focus during the design process of the Reoguard® system. Its unique design allows for installation at spacings of up to 1600mm, significantly reducing the number of units needed to cover starter-bars by up to 80% compared to standard bar-caps. This reduction not only lowers the carbon footprint but also decreases plastic waste in the construction industry.

Moreover, the two-part design of the Reoguard system offers a reusable body unit, extending the product’s lifespan and usability beyond that of other single-bodied systems.

The Reoguard® system is crafted from UV-stabilised and recyclable polypropylene, a material with a lighter carbon footprint and lower solid waste production than many other plastics. The UV-stabiliser additive safeguards the product against photo-degradation and other environmental harms, further extending the product’s life and reducing the need for replacement.

Even the packaging and labelling of Reoguard are made from recyclable materials, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability.


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