Workable Solutions to Common Risks at Your Construction SiteWorkable Solutions to Common Risks at Your Construction Site

Unsafe noise levels are a typical – and almost inevitable – hazard of working at a construction site. It is little surprise then that hearing loss is a common problem in such a work environment. Workers also face Injuries due to falls from high places, such as scaffoldings and beams, while untoward incidents likewise occur from the manual handling of equipment. The ACC, which administers New Zealand’s compulsory accident compensation scheme for personal insurance cover, further notes that asbestos exposure during demolition or renovation is a major cause of fatality in the industry.

What can you do to eliminate such risks at your construction site?

Mitigation and Organisation

Every project is different, which means they each come with a unique set of risks. Recognising the specific risks on the premises of your construction site is the first step towards mitigation.

This will allow you to customize the system and procedures to prevent accidents on-site. It will help you put up the suitable health and safety signs, and determine which areas require barriers. It will also allow you to use the appropriate WorkSafe guidelines.

Once you have the right system and procedures in place, make sure the site enables efficient work. Building sites can get chaotic, with multiple deliveries and several machines in operation. When overlooked, these can lead to inefficiencies and bottlenecks, which are situations that can increase the likelihood of accidents.

Clean and Accessible

The Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 requires every workplace to provide for certain facilities. Your workers should have access to the following:

  • Drinking water
  • Areas for eating and breaks
  • Areas for washing hands
  • Facilities for workers who are ill and need rest
  • First aid equipment
  • Toilets

The regulation also requires businesses to train workers on first aid, or provide access to other employees who have such training.

When you maintain a healthy and safe construction site, you protect your workers. When you protect your workers, you protect the business.

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