3 Things You Need to Know About Traffic and Road Signs3 Things You Need to Know About Traffic and Road Signs

New Zealand is known for its long, winding roads and its stunning landscape that leaves both locals and tourists in awe. However, while you are driving in the countryside, be sure to keep your eyes on the road, and be aware of all the road signs.

Road signs are necessary to maintain safety on the road. The New Zealand government has strict regulations in place to make sure that everyone can see and understand the signs properly.

Though road signs may not appear to be too striking, a great deal of thought goes into their design and production. Signs are regulated by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

Here are three interesting facts that you need to know about NZ traffic signs:

1. Signs are standardised, but it is possible to install a non-standard sign.

Road signs are strictly regulated by the NZTA — everything from the colour, shape, materials, reflectivity and design has to comply with strict regulations. Road signs must be easy to read, and they must be of a standard design to minimise the chance of causing confusion to drivers.

Though signs are strictly regulated, it is still possible to install a non-standard sign, but only if you have it approved by the NZTA first. You can only install non-standard signs if there are no existing approved designs to match your situation, and only if it passes a trial. You can install it after you have met these requirements.

2. Signs with Maori names need to be approved first.

The NZ government has great respect for Maori customs and names. Signs that display the names of places must include the Maori name for the place, either as the primary or secondary name. Spelling and the correct use of diacritical marks (symbols that mark long vowels) are crucial, which is why all signs bearing Maori require approval. You can check with any Maori organisation that has a mana whenua status within the area.

3. It is possible to have too many signs.

It is possible to have an excessive number of signs, which can cause confusion and make it difficult to read them all. Always follow the NZTA’s suggestions and place signs in strategic positions on the road.

Powerpac makes sure that all of our road safety signs comply with NZTA requirements. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-quality warning signs that increase the safety of NZ roads.

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