Alfra Magnetic Base Drill - V32
  • Alfra Magnetic Base Drill - V32

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    The Horizontal Metal Core Drilling Machine for pokiest spaces. Perfect to use, where regular Metal Core Drilling Machines have to quit due to their height.
    With a 32mm ø capacity drilling 25mm, it is the best option for installation and excellent for site work..

    Applications Areas

    • Horizontal metal core drilling machine for the tightest  conditions. Perfect for use where regular metal core drilling machines cannot go due to their height. 
    • Steel construction (in between girder flanges), vehicle construction (truck frames), bridge construction, tower construction, tunnel construction, basically everywhere, where it´s narrow &
    • The total height is just 227 mm and can even be reduced to 185 mm by removing the handle. 
    • The spur gear unit is designed for robust use and is fed using a ratchet lever. 
    • Reversible for right- and left-handed operation. 
    • Another advantage: the design of the angled gear unit ensures permanent lubrication and prevents dry running. 
    • Used with the proven motors and magnet foot components from the Rotabest® series.

      Supplied With:
      Carry case
      Coolant unit
      Safety belt
      18mm cutter 


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