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Alfra Magnetic Base Drill - RB35SP 35mm Drilling Capacity with Quick Change Chuck
  • Alfra Magnetic Base Drill - RB35SP 35mm Drilling Capacity with Quick Change Chuck

    Code: 18801

    $2,205.00 excl GST

    The Alfra RB35SP magnetic based drill is revolutionary compared to other magnetic drills, the incredibly powerful permanent magnet achieves excellent adhesion even to thinner sheet material and can be used from just 3mm upwards. Because the magnetic base doesn't require an electrical supply it is not effected by power cuts or damage to the power supply cables during operation, the machine remains fixed solid to the material being drilled, a great Health & Safety advantage.

    Product Specification

    • Product code: 18801
    • Cutter Dimensions: 12-35mm
    • Cutting Depth: 100mm
    • Twist Drills: 1-13m
    • Counter bore: 10-40mm
    • Arbor: 19mm weldon arbor
    • Stroke: 105mm
    • Height Adjustment: 80mm
    • Gearbox on load speed: 450rpm
    • Voltage: 110V or 240V
    • Tool Force (10mm drill point load): 3.000N
    • Tool Force (6mm drill point load) : 2.500N
    • Magnet Foot: 72 x 190mm
    • Weight: 9.9kg


    Comes With:

    • Plastic transport case
    • Safety guard
    • Safety belt
    • Operation manual



    • Should the RB35SP be left magnetised to a surface for a prolonged period no damage would be caused to the permanent magnet, whereas with a traditional electric version there is a strong possibility it would overheat and burn out the magnetic coil.
    • Ergonomic handle and switch design for maximum ease of use, the unit is lightweight and very simple to use. Once the drill is in position simply push down the rear lever to activate the magnet.
    • The permanent magnet produces a magnetic force that is higher than the one produced by the conventional and commercially available electro magnets.
    • The machine has a built-in sensor / LED which informs the user of the adhesion strength of the magnet is to the correct force.
    • The motor to base sliding plate guides on the machine are now "self-adjusting", reducing the risk of chatter at the cutting head .
    • Should overheating occur it is indicated by a double flashing LED-signal and the motor shuts down, reactivation is only possible after cool-down.
    • Carbon brush wear control which is activated If the level of wear is reached, this is indicated by a single flash and the motor continues to run.
    • Smooth start limits wear and tear on the motor and gear box helping to prolong the motor’s service life. 
    • Magnetic pre-tension and extremely lightweight, allows easy positioning of the drill on the work surface. 
    • The motor height is adjustable which offers a much larger and more variable stroke range.


    PDF Spec Sheet

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