TruckLoader has been designed to make muck away safer, easier and more efficient.  Our unique technology (patent pending) allows the skip to be landed and discharged directly into tipper trucks, roll on roll off skips, barges or even onto the floor, no landing gantry required. 

Available for hire and sale in a range of capacities this unique skip is already revolutionising the methodology contractors use for their muck away requirements.



Safety is our primary objective for every solution we provide, TruckLoader is no exception.  TruckLoader has a 100% failsafe system meaning the skip cannot be discharged accidentally in transport, this is certainly not true for traditional methods like boat skips and circular muck skips.  No operatives are required within the discharge zone reducing risk to personnel.  The discharge can be controlled or even stopped if required, this minimises the impact and loadings onto equipment and plant.



TruckLoader is easy to use, just fill it up, transport it to the discharge destination, land it where you want it to discharge and lift the skip to discharge.
TruckLoader does not require a gantry and can be landed directly into tipper trucks, barges, roll on roll off skips or even the floor.
It’s that simple!! Load, move, tip, repeat!



TruckLoader allows large quantities of waste to be transported directly to where you need it without rehandling, this reduces crane time as well as machine and labour costs.  With no gantry required TruckLoader also takes less site space.  Incorporating Roll on Roll off skips would also allow sites to choose when trucks are needed to remove the waste from site allowing for more efficient planning and reduced waiting times and site congestion.


Key features:

•   2m³ - 11m³ Capacities
•   5,200 - 26,000kg Weight Capacity
•   No leads, cables or wires to operate, completely remote control
•   No gantrys or hitch points required
•   Fast to operate
•   Extremely safe operation

The spoil removal solution for



Barge Loading

Basement Excavation


Shaft sinking


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