Our Mission.

We provide construction equipment & supplies
to the people building New Zealand.
We walk in their boots to understand their needs
and give them more construction time.


This part of our business was launched in 2007 to provide an answer to the many frustrations and difficulties on any construction site.

This is now the main focus of our business. Construction sites need to be able to quickly and easily get a wide range of supplies on site and this is what we specialise in. From the equipment needed for the original site works to the finishing touches, you will find it in here.

Construction tools for sale are imported and sold direct, the pricing is extremely competitive and is available nationwide, with a comprehensive freight system meaning deliveries can be made direct to site or off shore.

Construction equipment rental is also available. 


Interior Construction Equipment

This is a fast growing division that supplies Interior Contractors the specialist equipment they need to do their job.

Supplying and hiring high quality re-usable hoarding has proven very popular with the industry. The fast installation and smart presentation has been widely admired by our peers.

Powerpac also stocks a wide range of other interior protection, from window and floor films to edge protection and dust containment.



Concrete is the backbone of the construction industry and Powerpac is proud to play a vital part in helping them transform New Zealand.

From hand trowels to concrete vibrators, Wacker Neusons and finishing screeds, the quality and range of our equipment is second to none.

Talk to our specialists to make sure you have the right gear for your project.


ENGINEERING Equipment & Machinery

Powerpac Engineering covers a vast expanse of engineering equipment for all aspects of the industry. Starting with a large range of industrial air tools for assembly to heavy engineering with all the associated accessories and support.

As well as, a range of heavy duty pneumatic tools for lifting floor coverings, chippers, needle scalers and large rock drills, paving breakers and tampers. The stainless steel industry is a large portion of this division with pipe notching and polishing equipment and a big range of specialised polishing and grinding tools.

With a large range of magnetic base drills and cutters long with plate bevellers and nibblers, you will find the niche market as well as your everyday engineering tool requirements at Powerpac.

Rent or buy engineering, industrial and construction tools, machinery & materials online. 

Signage Department

The Powerpac Signs department supplies safety signage across the construction industry from roading, building and demolition to commercial and retail. We provide a signage service sepcifically tailored to fill all of your on site needs, scrim, fence banners, project signage and safety signage (warning, danger, wayfinding etc.)

The department is operated out of it's production headquaters in Porirua, Wellington and utilises Powerpac's nationwide reach to ensure speedy delivery to any corner of the country.

We have a wide range of printing equipment manned by skilled operators and in house designers that are able to help with any of your custom signage needs. You can also check out our massive library of signs here.