The best range in New Zealand

  • Cone Topper Retractable Barrier - 2.9m Red White


    $50.00 excl GST

  • Footwash Mat 1000 x 820mm


    $350.00 excl GST

  • Spray Bottle Complete - Trigger- 750ML


    $13.00 excl GST

  • Daily Induction Stickers - 24 pack - 4 Weeks


    $168.00 excl GST

  • Non contact Forehead InfraRed Thermometer


    $175.00 excl GST

  • Armorgard InstructaHut


    $1,995.00 excl GST

  • 225ml Powerpac Ecocup - Sleeve of 50


    $9.50 excl GST

  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant Concentrate 5L


    $150.00 excl GST

  • ULV Fogger Sanitiser Machine 4.5L 1400W 230V


    $690.00 excl GST

  • Alfra core drilling machine RB80X 230v 80mm Drilling Capacity No2MT


    $3,827.25 excl GST

  • Sandbags - Poly - 720mm x 450mm


    RRP $1.27$1.27 excl GST



    $40.00 excl GST

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